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It’s here! People Mover Technologies

It’s here!

People Mover Technologies – moving people around your ideas.

Thierry Rassam and I have been working together for five years. We’ve developed projects have involved over 300,000 people collectively around Canada and beyond. The key elements are always to get people moving around an idea that is fun and entertaining. It started with Le Burger Week in Montreal 4 years ago, and today we’ve added many other 2.0 People Mover Tech projects in the mix.

With Le Burger Week in September, it will be followed by La Prolongation and a custom made festival around Quebec Strawberries and the best restaurants in the province. October will see the first Les Aliments Du Quebec festival made by People Mover Tech, which will promote Quebec local foods.

We’re into bringing people around ideas through online initiatives and real-world activations. It’s starting, and we know how to get it done.

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