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#ConnectMoments with Telus

I love camping! I’ve been camping for years. I used to camp in my backyard growing up too. While growing up, it was for the dose of independence. Now it’s about connecting with nature, and leaving some of the noise behind in the bustling city.

Completely disconnecting is amazing, but to be real, it’s not possible for most of us. I have a few start-ups, and working is something I never stop doing. This doesn’t mean that I can not let my phone down, it just means that every now and then, I need to pick it up to check whats up.

I’ve been working with Telus a lot this year as an ambassador, and they’ve invited me to go camping! Not camping while things are slow at work either, right in the heat of it all as we prepare the 5th Le Burger Week (Sept.1-7) across Canada and beyond.

Telus promised me the most advanced wireless networks in the world, so I barely told my team, packed and left!

These were my last-minute get-away camp choices:

  • Bic National Park: One of my top destinations for camping while connecting with nature in Quebec. If you’re looking to really get with nature, this place is perfect!
  • Parc national du Mont-Tremblant: An all time favourite in Quebec. Not only is it close to Montreal for a quick getaway, but the parc also offers an exceptional array of activities. Even if it’s only 1,5h drive, you feel like you’re far enough!
  • Parc national des Îles-de-Boucherville: Also very close, Boucherville is where I grew up and did a lot of outdoor activities. If you check Alexandre Champagne Instagram, you see Boucherville has some of the best trees around.
  • Parc national du Mont-Orford: I’ve never been to Mont-Orford in the summer. Great mountain and lake views, with tons of outdoor activities for the family. You’ll want to share your moments here.
  • Parc Marin du Saguenay–Saint-Laurent: A marin parc would be amazing! Especially with my son. Check the weather before heading over, however; you don’t want to be stuck in the rain. The perfect place to test out the Samsung Galaxy S7!

If you’re wondering where you can go camping (and not disconnect completely!) use this sweet Telus coverage map to check how your network would perform.


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