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Staying Connected with TELUS

TELUS sent me camping a few weeks ago. An adventure I was super excited to experience. But with Le Burger Week coming up, Birona Hummus Bar opening soon, agency life in full force it was not the best moment to take a few days off with the family. As you may have read, they promised the most advanced network in Canada, for me to be able to work from almost anywhere!

We spent three nights in the beautiful Parc Mont Tremblant. Sleeping in a tent, tucked into sleeping bags using a flashlight for sight. I barely told my team that I was leaving for a few nights during the week, so I had to be sure to stay connected as much as I could, all while taking advantage of the open park and nature. On top of it all, I didn’t tell my family that I had to work while going camping either!

The mornings were amazing. We would get up extra early, make coffee and breakfast over the fire and propane stove while taking in the cool outdoor mornings playing with our son. He loved it being outside and I was happy and proud that we gave him this experience while being super busy.

I eventually did find the time to connect with the office, and it was the perfect experience. Tethering from my phone to my computer in the middle of nature is almost radical. I feel that if we had neighbors at the campsite, they would look back at me with a face, but I’m sure it’s more common than I think that our connected generation takes their computers, smartphones and iPads out into their “let’s connect with nature” trips. Which is fine if you ask me, but not so much if you were to ask Abeille. I can also bet money that Zayne will want to bring his VR with him in a few years.

A few years ago, there was no way I had a signal anywhere remote. I would camp, and I was completely off the grid. Now, it’s like I didn’t even leave the city (but I did!).

Thanks for my #ConnectedMoments – which allowed my family and I to connect with nature without missing a moment. Impressed yet again, TELUS!



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