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CW Beggs and Sons Follows Me

Morning run any time I can!

Getting fresh and clean with CW Beggs and Sons.

Getting to work.


Social Media post break. lol.

At the office with CW Beggs and Sons.

Getting fresh and clean with CW Beggs and Sons.

Waking up with Zayne, he’s all about grabbing my face and beard these days…

CW Beggs and Sons wanted to know what a typical day was like for me. So I let them take photos from morning till the end of my day. From playing with my son in the morning, to my morning jog to going through my meetings and emails. Funny thing is, CW Beggs and Sons actually plays a key role.

CW Beggs and Sons reached out a few weeks back asking me to try their new evolved line of men’s skincare products. After learning that all CW Beggs and Sons products were Hypoallergenic, Oil free, Paraben free, Gluten free, Alcohol free and Perfume free, I knew that it might be a good idea to check them out.

With a son who is constinantly grabbing, touching and eating my face, it was a good idea to look into a mens skincare line that was mindful of that.

I tried the line over most of the summer and I honestly fell in love with the whole line. It felt a bit weird that their skincare products did not have that manly fresh smell I was used to, it almost felt like it was not working, but I soon relaized that it was working, and almost better than anything I had used before. I recommend you visit their site and learn more about their products:

Photos: Ida Ringheim Sandnes


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