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Tremblant 24h with TELUS

Tremblant 24h with TELUS

A few weekends ago I was invited by Telus to attend Tremblant’s 24h where over 3 million dollars was raised for sick children across Canada.

As an ambassador to Telus, I was excited to accept the initiative of sharing some of the key messages that Telus created through my social channels. As a proud collaborator of the event, Telus had a few creative and cool things up their sleeves to get people excited and moving on the freezing slopes of Tremblant.

We were put up at the Westin Hotel right on the mountain to experience the event as much as possible. With a good friend of mine, we hung out by the base, where we moved to the beat of local artists, went up the Telus gondola to catch the phenomenal view and took a moment to relax, as 1000s of people dedicated their time and energy to raising money for children with cancer.

The important part of all this was the attention brought to the foundations. This event was by far the most successful event I’ve ever been a part of regarding raising money for a charity. We hear of elaborate events and big names for charity events where not even ten times the funds have been raised. Tremblant 24h was about raising funds and doing something fun while you raised them, skiing.

All of this got me looking more into the charities at work. In particular, the Fondation Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau. As a new father and someone who recently lost one of my closest cousins to Leukemia when he was only 20, it was touching and emotional to see a strong movement towards helping better the lives of young ones living with cancer.

Some stats from the website:

  • Cancer is the leading cause of death among persons aged 1 to 18;
  • One person in 400 is diagnosed with cancer before the age of 15;
  • More than half of children with cancer are under five years old at the time of diagnosis;
  • Only one-third of children with cancer have leukaemia; the remaining two-thirds have solid tumours;
  • Some 70% of persons treated at the Centre are from outside Montreal;
  • The incidence of cancer is higher among boys than among girls;
  • Since 1980, rates of recovery from the principal forms of paediatric cancers have gone from 35% to more than 80%.

Relive Charles’ battle by watching the following documentary:

It’s exceptional to know that companies like Telus are focusing on great initiatives such as this one. Telus offered me three pre-paid MasterCard worth $300 total to cover expenses for the trip. After reading more about the foundation Tremblant 24h was supporting, it was donated to Thanks for the motivation Telus.


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