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Winter Grilling with Rickard’s Red

The winter is just too long to go without a single backyard BBQ. I know it’s spring, but does spring exist in Quebec? After that last snow massive snowfall, I was feeling discouraged, but I finally didn’t let it hold me back.

A few months ago Rickard’s reached out with an idea to a winter grilling session. I skimmed over the recipes they sent, and I was surprised and delighted by one of them in particular.

I reached out, got some expert advice and tried the recipe out. Not only is the recipe perfect for this weather, but it’s also excellent too! At least we enjoyed it. Cheers!

The Recipe: Grilled Chicken Wing Soup

Prep time: 15 min
Cook time: 15 min grilling – 1 Hours simmer
Serves: 4-6 large bowls

4/5 – Carrots
1 – Sweet Onion
4/5 – Fingerling Potatoes
1 – Stalk Celery
2/3 – Chicken Breasts
Salt & Pepper to taste

3 Cups – Chicken Stock
¼ Cup – Hot Sauce
1 Cup – ½ / ½ Cream
1 Cup – Rickard’s Red

Crumbled Blue Cheese

1. Coat with olive oil and pre-grill carrots, sweet onion, fingerling potatoes and
chicken breasts.
2. Cook to ¾ doneness to allow final cook in the soup. Let cool
and chop all into hearty sized cubes.
3. In a large pot combine chicken stock, hot sauce, cream and Rickard’s Red.
Stir well.
4. Combine chopped ingredients and simmer soup for 1 hour.
5. To thicken soup (more like a stew) add flour until achieved thickness.
6. Serve in bowls topped with crumbled blue cheese.

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