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Take the Pringles #MysteryChallenge

There’s no denying that most of us love Pringles! I have memories of trying to convert my mother from buying us bagged potato chips to Pringles as a kid. It’s a stackable snack with an equal distribution of flavour – who doesn’t like that!?

This summer, Pringles are adding another flavour to the lineup. They’ve been known to add some fun flavours, like Pizza and Tortillas Salsa Fiesta and others, so people have been buzzing about this new mystery flavour, trying to figure it out.

The Mystery Flavour is on sale, and there is a whole contest element that is associated with it as well. If you can guess the flavour, you can win $10,000! It’s not as easy as you think either. At first, I was under the impression that it would be easy to guess, but your mind plays tricks on you pulling out almost any flavour you want it to taste like.

Apparently, only a handful of people in the whole world know what the flavour is and they’ve been vowed to secrecy.

The fun part of it all is the clues that Pringles drops on their social channels. Between July 2-August 21, 2017 you can catch a bunch of clues leading us to either eliminate our ideas or enforce our guesses.

You can see all the clues on their Facebook and Twitter account.



There’s also a contest where you can win a Mystery Prize Pack worth $250 from Pringles! Simply tweet me your guess using the hashtag #MysteryChallenge for a chance to win! I will pick a winner this coming Monday.

I honestly have no idea what the flavour can be. Without being biased by the 1000s of guesses online from the Pringles community, it’s a challenge to identify the Pringles mystery flavour. If you have any guesses, please share!